I want this card so bad…

This card…
 photo Picture14_zps4daea699.png
…is up there with a ’52 Topps Mantle and 1951 Bowman Mays on my dream card list.

Let’s run down the list of what makes this card awesome:
-Bronko Nagurski is the greatest name of all time.
-The image and his face are just too damn awesome.
-The big “Minnesota” in the background is very cool.
-It has amazing color for such an old card.
-It is one of, if not the, top football card of all time, equal to the ’52 Mantle.

Bronko was one of the first true football super stars. He was born in Canada but grew up in International Falls, famous for being of the coldest places in the continental US. He played for the Gophers and went pro with the Bears winning 3 championships. He was over 6foot 2 and weighed in at 230lbs. HUGE for his day. He also has the record for largest championship ring size in the history of pro football. Shaking his hands must have been like grabbing a cinderblock.

Looking at the card again he looks like Odo from Star Trek DS9, weird. Maybe the Founders infiltrated earth long ago? Too nerdy…

The card is worth thousands, even in pretty rough shape. It’s doubtful I will ever see one, let alone own one. A boy can dream.



2 responses to “I want this card so bad…

  1. I think that’s what a face looks like after years of playing football without a facemask.

  2. OMG……he does look like Odo. He was a changeling ya know. Good Call!

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