This or That…

Panini has been National Treasures crazy lately.

Baseball just dropped and we just got a peak of some signed cards recently returned by players for football.

The rookie patch autos caught my eye.
 photo panini-america-march-1-auto-arrivals-18_zps8ae32948.jpg
The portrait layout is what sticks out most.

High-end rookies have become an almost solely landscape affair. To the point you just assume that’s how they will look. Think about all the bigger sets of the last 7 or years, National Treasures, Exquisite, SPA, 5 Start, Triple Threads, Limited… The rookies, especially football, are almost all landscape.

I like the change but I am not sure I like the look of the card more.

Portrait appeals to the old school collector in me. But there is something fluid about the lanscape patch autos.

Some of the variations from NT are landscape.
 photo panini-america-march-1-auto-arrivals-13_zps681be6f5.jpg
So we can do a bit of a side by side.

I am torn.

What do ya’ll think?



2 responses to “This or That…

  1. i tend to like the landscape cards more and more these days. seems like there is more room to get a nice size patch or auto and a larger photo of the player. the tannehill card is a perfect example as the portrait version looks cramped next to a really nice dolphins patch. plus i think the can be displayed nicer as landscape.

    still like my base cards portrait though.

  2. In this particular situation… landscape > portrait.

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