I could have been a Contender…again…

I love Contenders football, I mean love it. It may be my favorite football set…period!

 photo CONFBASE_zps487e847f.jpg
I think last years set got a little too far away from the ticket theme, 2012 comes thundering back!

It’s very similar to 2010 but is a touch better in my humble opinion. The colors rock, the design is crisp and clean, the players come running off the card. Perfection.

I love the way the green and blue looks on the Seahawks.

Here is another one.
 photo confben_zps8c1889c6.jpg
Absolute perfection in a card.

We also get some great inserts.
 photo confsuperbowl_zps0fb5aa54.jpg
The best thing about this card is the photo. It really demonstrates how much picture technology has come. This picture is from 1990, just 23 years ago and look how different it looks from the pictures above.

I like the concept and like the design, kinda old schoolish.

 photo confrookiestallions_zpsf5fec38d.jpg
This may be the best looking card of the lot, and that is saying a lot.

This may be one of my favorite cards of the year. It is very strong. The big close cropped photo really works here.

Love it

I also got the two MVP Contender die-cuts I already posted.

All this stuff is fine, but you come to Contenders football for one thing, and one thing only. The rookie autos.

This year Panini mixed it up with two designs. I am not sure how I feel about it.
 photo conauto2_zps14e290c4.jpg
These are the most prevalent. Of the 6 in my box 5 were these type. It’s a fine looking design but just not as strong as the full body shot of the base cards.
 photo confauto1_zpsab695be7.jpg
Nice looking cards for sure.
 photo confauto3_zps9750dd51.jpg
I believe the box says 5 autos, so I hit an extra auto in my box. From what I have heard that is pretty common.

I got one Rookie Premier player auto as well.
 photo confautofull_zpscd980b0f.jpg
strong looking card, me likes.

The auto I want the most form the set is blair Walsh from the Vikes, but i think he is a retail only dude.

If anyone has eon let me know. I will tarde the lot for him!

Contenders has another strong showing, the inserts in particular are pretty badass.



2 responses to “I could have been a Contender…again…

  1. this is one of my favorite sets each year, love the design and graphics.

    looks like Burfict was grading himself V- B+

  2. I need to pick up the Harrison Smith, and Blair Walsh SSP. I wish they would have done a few throwbacks from the 98 set, and included a Moss.

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