Remember these…

Back in the day, and by the day I mean early ’90s baby, cards where everywhere. McDonalds had bball and hockey cards form Upper Deck and Domino’s dropped these on us…
 photo dominosqbbradshaw.jpg
I loved these for some reason.

My father is an Italian dude from Brooklyn and loves him some pizza. Granted places like Divani’s and Green Mill had better pies, but my father also being a card fanatic meant for a stretch it was Dominos a couple times a week. As a result we put together several sets of these cards.

They were all QBs and included many of the Greats.
 photo dominosqbelway.jpg
He looks so young

 photo dominosqbroger.jpg

 photo dominosqbtroy.jpg
To be fair Troy wasn’t a great just yet when these dropped.

As with any set you also had some misses.
 photo dominosqbbubby.jpg
Oh Bubby.

My late grandmother had season tickets to the Stealers for like 40 years and hated Bubby Brister with a passion. My brother and I would bring him up just to here a 90 year old lady say douche bag, it was always fun.

I still have my set and I know it’s only a matter of time before the take off and I am rolling in the cash!



4 responses to “Remember these…

  1. I just remember being a kid and calling him Bloody Blister. Good times.

  2. I still remember him with the Vikings in 2000, awful.

  3. I’m glad you made the comment about your father being a card fanatic, because I’m a non-Italian guy from Long Island, and you couldn’t have paid me to eat Domino’s, not with so many far better family-owned pizzarias around.

    …but I understand all too well the concept of “I wouldn’t normally buy this, but there are CARDS!”, so I’ll let it slide. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • To be honest above all else he is kinda cheap (unless it’s for his wife or grandkids) so his wallet will often over rule his tastebuds.

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