Worth a look…

I am prone to prospecting in my card collecting travels.

I focus on Twins and catchers, but will not turn away any solid looking prospect that may come my way. I do have a slight aversion to pitchers though.

I swing around and check out prospect ranking wherever I can find them. I just came across one I really like.

It’s well worth a look.

I am pleased to see 6 Twins on the list. They are tied for the most with several other clubs.

I would have liked to see Danny H…
 photo hultzenauto.jpg
…ranked higher but I udnerstand why he isn’t, for all the reason outlined by Marc.

I am very happy to see Travis D’Arnaud scratching at the top ten. The kid is a beast of a backstop!
 photo 97b6f5c1-21d5-4d1d-828b-8d4233c787bd_zpsf3819ddb.jpg
The Mets got a steal when they landed him in the RA Dickey trade. He could be the next great Mets catcher ala Carter and Piazza.

Take a peek at the list and see if there are any players on your favorite team you may want to seak out.

Now this is all speculation so don’t run out and spend all your bennies on the top ten players and think its money in the bank.



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