I am bored…

I am in a sports and sports card collector funk right now. I have for the last few months.

It’s not because I think the hobby is doomed, or I am pissed about single colored swatches or sticker autos or any of the other pissed of collector clichés.

No, my funk is due to the sports themselves that fuel our hobby.

I think a lot of us feel a bit of a down turn from about early February until April. The stretch between the super bowl and opening day. Normally I can look to the NBA to help hold me up. NHL a little, but I am not a huge hockey card collector. The last few years I rode out the down month on a high by following two guys…

Derrick Rose
 photo pastpfirerose.jpg


Kevin Love
 photo pastpsplove.jpg

I loved to check and see if Kevin love pulled down another double double. I would look and see if D Rose was moving into the top 5 in scoring. When they had a big game I would pull out my Topps chrome rookies or SPa patch auto Kevin Love and think about how much they are worth now versus yesterday. It was fun.

Every new K-Love or D-Rose card was a reminder to check and see if the Bulls or Wolves would be on EPSN or TNT.

But now both guys are sidelined with injuries. There are no stats to check, no games to watch, nada.

Every card I pull of either guy just reminds me of how both guys are sitting out in their prime when they should be contending for scoring titles, MVPs and Championships.

I guess all collectors are kids at heart and we have a tendency to sulk when our favorite players are hurt. Not to worry baseball will be back soon and I will have a new reason to be depressed a the Twins once again shit the bed!



3 responses to “I am bored…

  1. this is typically the time of year my wife loves since i’m not a big basketball fan, she gets tons of attention and no sports. i’m forced to watch lifetime movies though…it’s not always fair.

  2. It happens to all of us. It goes up and down. I know it at least happens to me.

  3. As a fellow Twins fan, I sympathize. Too bad most of the problems with the Twins in the last few years are injury related and NOT due to “knuckle pushups.” 😉

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