New toy…

Be forewarned, this is a non-card post.

I had an old Craftsmen chainsaw my dad gave me that finally kicked the bucket. I have a mess of trees and from time to time I need to player lumberjack so I had to get a new saw.

Today I pulled the trigger, behold…

A thing of beauty.

It cuts like a dream and fires up on the first pull!

I may have to see if any neighbors need any trees taken down. I am almsot out of stuff to cut in my yard.



6 responses to “New toy…

  1. I guess real men do collect baseball cards.

  2. Oh, and cue the Monty Python:

  3. Hell, yes! I also have a Stihl. Great chainsaw. I’ve used the crap out of it this winter too.

  4. So……if we here about any chainsaw murders……I’m just gonna look the other way.

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