Another winner…

Lats night my other alma mater, Elmira College, won the NCCA DIII Women’s Hockey National title.
Pretty sweet.

This is their 3rd title since the women’s hockey program was started just over 10 years ago. I say that makes them a powerhouse!

I was in grad school as they started the program. I was actually in a few classes with the newly hired coach, Jamie Wood. Jamie led the team to a national title in each of their first two years as a team. Jamie had a stint as a coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers women’s team a few years back and is now at UNH.

I have a strange streak going in regards to women’s hockey.

When I was an undergrad at UMD they started putting together a women’s program. Shortly after I graduated in 1999 they went on to win three straight national titles.

Then I moved on to grad school and EC started putting together their program. Shortly after I left they won 2 straight titles.

Coincidence? Probably.

ECs current women’s coach is a guy named Dean Jackson. He was an undergrad when I was at EC. He played for the men’s team and I am pretty sure he lived in the building I ran as a hall director. He and I are both members of the class of ’03. I am happy to see he has found success as a coach.

So here’s to the Soaring Eagles!



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