March Madness, VA upset edition…

No one does NCAA Tournament upsets better than the Commonwealth of Virginia. Specifically states schools in the Virginia.

I recent years 3 of the biggest upset/cinderella teams are all Va schools.

-George Masson made a crazy run to the final Four a few years ago.

-Two years ago it was Virginia Commonwealth Universities turn to make a Cinderella Final Four appearance. My brothers alma mater.

-Last year Norfolk State turned heads with a massive 1st round upset.

This past week James Madison University here in the lovely Shenandoah Valley in western Va made the tournament. Could they be the fourth Va team to make a sleeper run?

I wouldn’t mind. I have a number of friends and colleagues form JMU, including a friend that just recently took a job in their presidents office.

My only minor beef with JMU is their logo/mascot.


It’s a bit too cartoony and lacks a certain slickness.

Anyway It looks like we may just have two VA schools this year. Uva got schooled by NC State so their chances are looking slim.

I think I am gonna pull for VCU.



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