Prizm Football, plus Free cards!

A while back I did a contest where I asked you to review a set of cards and then picked one review at random to win a prize.

I say let’s do it again. Write a review of the slick-as-silk Prizm football set. The winner gets the last card in the post.

Base Card
 photo prizmfap_zpseafb6df3.jpg

Base Rookies
 photo prizmfrwilson_zps215cc3b0.jpg

 photo prizmfluck_zpse7eb6fc4.jpg
Is Luck the biggest rookie QB since Big Ben? Perhaps?

Prizm rookie
 photo prizmfrookieprizm_zps166a436a.jpg

 photo prizmfinsertprizm_zpsaf95377a.jpg
Prizm version

 photo prizmfmoss_zpsba3285e5.jpg

 photo prizmfsanders_zpsab7bf110.jpg
My favorite card of the box.

 photo prizmfred_zps7986df65.jpg

 photo prizmfauto_zpsbdfeb874.jpg

I am a big big fan of this set, what do ya’ll think?



3 responses to “Prizm Football, plus Free cards!

  1. Panini does one thing very well and that is release sets that are polarizing. You either like them or you do not, Prizm is one of those sets. I am one of those people who like the Prizm release, the one thing that draws me in to these sets is that the chrome foil board really makes the player pop out. Panini has selected some solid action shots that work well here and even the faux-textured borders are cool.

    The only thing that I am torn on is the design change for the rookie cards, in the basketball release the rookie cards had the same exact design (they did not even include a RC logo) as the other cards and it really kept a nice flow in the set. The rookie cards now seem overloaded along the bottom border.

  2. a great design and the players are seemingly jumping out of the card, which I always enjoy. that Mark Barron Red RC parallel is just nails; anytime a company can match a team’s color scheme with the product – even if it’s just in parallel form – it’s a win in my book.

    oh, and you ended on a Chargers’ hit. so I immediately like the product even more.

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