Dunk for the Border

Yesterday my wife took our children to Taco Bell and came home with a surprise. A pack of Panini Hoops cards. It was a little silver package with 5 cards. Here is a looksy.

 photo tacobellrubio_zps268c2757.jpg

Man I wish Rubbio and Love weren’t all busted up this season.

The cards are just like the regular Hoops cards witha few slight differences.

Most obvious is the rounded corners. I like the look and I am sure the thought was these cards are mainly going to be handled by kids so the rounding would help mitigate wear and tear.

The numbering is different. I would asume the set is much smaller than the regular Hoops set. The highest card number in my little stack was 113.

The biggest difference is this guy.
 photo tacobellrookie_zps63fd2295.jpg
Terrence here didn’t have a regular hoops cards, so this is a unique card to this set.

Also the rookies in Hoops were draft night photos, this appears to be a rookie photo shoot shot. This card has a Rated Rookie logo, rookies in regular Hoops didn’t.

It’s hard finding any real info about these so i went straight to the source and emailed Tracy Hackler. I will share what he says when I hear back from him.

Here the rest of my cards.
 photo tacobellcards3_zps44bcb7c2.jpg

Pretty cool all around.

Reminds me of the old UD McDonalds cards from back in the day and of course the Dennys Grand Slam hologram cards!

I think we may have Taco Bell for dinner tonight.



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