Better than we thought…

The heat just won their 26th game in a row tonight. 26!

The Heat are a hell of a team, not even the biggest of haters can say otherwise. The all time record is 33, a number that is a ways off, but not out of reach.

The Heats success is no small part due to this dude.
prizm lebron
Once again, not even the most staunch hater can say he is anything but a once in a generation player.

His PPG isn’t as high as in some years but his FG% is .070% over his career average. A pretty good sign or maturity in a player.

I think we all knew he was good, but I am not sure we knew he was this good.

He is the biggest thing on cards since Jordan. Even his simple Topps base rookie…
… sells for $15-$20. Unheard of for a modern raw base cards. His rookie Topps chrome sells for right around a hundred.

Love him or not he is the king!

His contract with UD has kept his autos out of Panini products. Sure UD drops autos of him in his high school gear but it aint the same. If Panini lands him and gets some autos of him in his Heat gear, forget about it.

I have to think his lack of newer NBA licensed auto cards may help his value. The demand is huge for anything Lebron but the supply is limited for autos, a fixed supply actually. It adds to the aura of his stuff.

Anyway the kid can ball. For a while the conversation was is the heat Lebron or D-Wades team. I think it’s pretty clear who the number one guy on South Beach is.

He has a solid shot at a second title. He puts a few more rings on his fingers and the greatest player of all time conversation starts to get pretty intersecting.



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