Hidden Treasures…

I was helping my son clean his room. Anyone with kids knows what a chore this can be.

I stepped on maybe 35-50 legos, a pain that I would imagine is comparable to childbirth, found some chocolate cheese my son was trying to make in a cup under his beds, and threw out pile after pile of note cards with nothing but a check mark drawn on each one. I am very curious to get my son to tell me what that was all about.

I also helped him sort out his card collection.

Unlike everything else in his life his cards are kept neat and tidy.

A few months ago I let him go through one of my old monster boxes to pick out some “old school” hockey cards. In his little stack of early ’90s cards I found a few little gems.

Here is the first one.
 photo montrossrookie_zps647b91a6.jpg
An Eric Montross auto rookie!

Eric was a Tar Heel superstar, helping lead them to a national title in 1993. He was rafter #9 overall by the Celtics and peaked his rookies season. The 7 footer never became a star.

The card is still cool.

Companies like Classic really started the auto card craze. UD may have had the first high profile auto with Reggies legends card but these types of draft themed sets busted the gates wide open. This is from a set called Signature Rookies, not sure the company that made them.

It’s hand numbered to an unimaginably low 3713/7750.

I forgot I even had this.

The next card is legitimately sweet.
 photo autosavard_zps31fad1b0.jpg
A HOFer auto.

Mr. Savard was never as big as his contemporaries like Gretzky, Lemieux, Yzerman or even Hull, but he was still a hell of a player.

Be A Player stuff from around the mid ’90s is a great way to get get some cheap yet solid on card autos.

It’s a really nice looking card. I love the gold pen he used to sign on this card.

I should help him clea his room more often.



One response to “Hidden Treasures…

  1. That Savard is awesome! The gold paint pen was the perfect choice.

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