Prospecting advice…

From time to time I like to offer some helpful tips to my fellow collectors out there.

As baseball season looms I have a little nugget of prospecting advice for ya’ll. Keep in mind this is for fun and not meant as investment or business advice.

So here it is…
 photo austineauneauto_zps2f25520f.jpg
One Mr. Austin Aune.

Austin was the Yanks second round pick last year. The shortstop was taken straight out of high school and is an interesting prospect to say the least.

He is a little rough, as is the case with most kids out of high school. He has huge upside, especially when it comes to power potential. He has decent speed and a good arm. He is currently a short stop but has a ways to go to prove himself in the position.

His success in the bigs is far fro a sure thing, but there is real potential. Also a young shortstop in the Yankee organization with Jeter looking like he is on his last legs cant help but grab the imagination.

Also, look at that signature, it’s beautiful!

The best thing about Austin for prospectors is his price. You can pick up his rookie autos for just a few bucks on ebay. A pretty reasonable cost for a roll of the dice.

If he hits in a few years we can all meet up after selling his cards on ebay and have a party!



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