I have been saying for sometime that Panini should release a base set called simply Panini football, Panini hockey or Panini Basketball. Topps, and UD and Score and Fleer and Donruss all did it.

Finally we have a straight up Panini set.

Panini Basketball
 photo pankingjames_zps1dc838c7.jpg

I am a huge fan for a couple of reasons, let me count the ways…

1. Great design. Nice bold colors, fun design and just the right amount of embossing.
2. Deep checklist. Tons of rookies, legends and current players.
3. Nice inserts and autos.
4. Only about $60 a box
5. A box gives you a nice big stack of cards.

Here is a sampling of some of my favorite cards from my box.

 photo panwillisreed_zpsb2b8ffc6.jpg
Who needs injury free legs to win a championship? Not Willis!

 photo pantimmyd_zps1a032914.jpg
I an a big Tim Duncan fan. I am going to start calling him Tinny D.

 photo panpete_zps7a422ade.jpg
The Pistol was great, the dude in the background with his mouth open is greater.

 photo panoscartripledouble_zpsf71e8338.jpg
Oscar averaged a triple double for an entire season. Think about that for a minute. I think most sports fans know that fact but don’t really think about how amazing that is.

 photo panmikescott_zpsda84b97d.jpg
UVa’s own. I hope his pro career picks up.

 photo panmikan_zpsa3977b1c.jpg
The OBM. That is the Original Big Man! Love this card!

 photo panmailan_zps464d961e.jpg
Karl had more career points than Jordan or Wilt Chamberlin, just sayin’.

 photo panantonydavis_zpsfdca16c7.jpg
Is Anthony having a good season? I haven’t heard much from him.

Also, I am not a fan of the “NOLA” on jerseys.

 photo pankyrie_zps44e238cd.jpg
Kyrie always looks kinda sleepy.

 photo pandrose_zps8a5cdfc0.jpg
I predict Rose will one day retire with at least two MVP trophies and two championships.

 photo panlove_zpsf0409418.jpg
I predict KLove will one day retire with at least one MVP trophy and one championship. That is if he can stay away from knuckle pushups.

Not too bad huh?

I think these blow Hoops out of the water. Not a knock on Hoops but a testament to how cool this set is.



One response to “Finally…

  1. I don’t follow basketball at all anymore but I wouldn’t mind picking up some of the ‘old school’ players in that set. Oscar Robertson was about as good as it gets. Amazing player.

    My only gripe is the Panini name is the largest text on the card. Reducing it would improve the look I thing.

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