On fire…

Panini posted some previews of Select basketball.

A few of the cards caught my eye.
 photo panini-america-2012-13-select-basketball-qc-part-one-4_zps53e6e13d.jpg
Pretty cool huh, look at the fire!

My son told me everything is cooler with flames painted on it. He told me this as he was trying to convince me to paint flames on my car. He said it would be “pretty badass”. I don’t disagree, I am just not sure how cool flames would look on my 2005 Elantra…

This card is even cooler.
 photo panini-america-2012-13-select-basketball-qc-part-one-10_zps3531017c.jpg
Flames are cool, red flames are even cooler.

Then again blue flames are cool too. My son is obsessed with different color flames. Every time we have a fire in the fireplace he tells me white flames are the hottest. See this blog is entertaining and educational.

Panini also dropped this beauty.
 photo panini-america-2012-13-select-basketball-qc-part-one-23_zpse80d8079.jpg
It’s very ’90s retro. I am a big big fan.

It doesn’t have any fire, but it’s still a cool card.



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