I love gooooold…

I have been a fan of Totally Certified since day one.

I like the design. I like the six packs and a hit per pack set up. I like the colored parallel cards. Just an all around fan.

I am also a fan because I have had pretty good luck with the 4-5 boxes I have busted.

My first hit was the best by far, maybe my best hit ever.

I got a box of 2012 Football yesterday and found another gold auto parallel numbered to /10.
 photo totleseangoldauto_zps6674b51d.jpg
Maybe not as good as the D-Rose but still pretty darn sweet!

My favorite part is that it says “Platinum Gold” on the side. I just find that funny, precious metal redundancy if you will.

This box had a few other very nice hits, and was a solid break all around. I will get the rest up soon.



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