I saw this little deal on the Upper Deck blog,
 photo Michael-Jordan-UNC-Master-Collection_zps42e97c4a.jpg
It’s a high end set with a mess of autos and stuff thrown in with a replica NCAA championship ring.

It says sets are numbered to 250 so I wonder how much they will cost?

I say a G per set.

I think it’s pretty cool. Going with a complete set versus a pack for ultra high end stuff is an interesting concept. Base cards are basically filler in high end stuff, so why not flip it and give them a nice little set.

This is way out of my wheel house but I would be curious to see some of the autos from the set.

I know Chris from UD reads the blog, maybe he will send me a set to review… a boy can dream, right?

If UD gets an MLB license back in the future I hope they do a similar set for Kent Hrbek.



3 responses to “MJ…

  1. Just saw these on Dave & Adam’s….for $4,395.00! Think I’m going to pass, haha!

  2. If they sell for a G, I’ll buy one. 4 autographs + a hand painted card + the chance at another autograph = awesome

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