What in the hell was I thinking…

I think we have all had moments where we experience a terrible laps in judgement. Luckily mine never involve anything of any real consequence. Nothing like moving y entire 401 K over to pets.com or anything.

No my lapses in judgement tend to revolve around cards, in particular cards of guys I think are poised to be the next big thing.

Here is the first in a series of cards that I just look at and shake my head.

Exhibit A.
 photo georgekauto_zps44761992.jpg

So it was 2009 and Kottaras was playing for the Red Sox as Jason Varitek’s back up. JV went down with an injury so I thought to myself. “Varitek is done so this kid is the obvious heir to the Red Sox backstop throne.” I checked on ebay and his rookie autos were just a few bucks. So I ran out and bought one!

I honestly thought it was a no brainer. I mean how could the BoSox new catcher not set the card world on fire?

Well he hurt his back soon after and it was over.

I wish the story ended there.

In 2010 and 2011 George had a few stops in the bigs and put up decent numbers. I was hooked again. I saw a lot of two of his auto rookies on ebay for a few bucks and I bit.

I now have three rookie autos of the Greek wonderkind.

If he ever does break out I am sitting on a gold mine!



2 responses to “What in the hell was I thinking…

  1. He made the team as the Royals backup this season.

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