Screw worthy…

First off lets all get out of the gutter. When I say screw I mean these…
 photo screw_zps4cd9482f.jpg
Belive it or not there was a time that the plastic screw holder was the pinnacle of card protection technology. Now these weren’t your modern one screw recessed card area. No, these were holders that were two flat pieces you slapped a card between and tightened down with 4 philips head screws. If you tightened them too much your got discoloration on the corners.

They cost like $1.99 a piece so you saved them for the best of the best in your collection.

About 9 years ago when I got back into collecting I went to my parents house and dug out my old collection. First thing I did was go through my stack of screw cases. Some of the cards that were at one time screw worthy had really fallen from grace.

Fuji’s comment about his Eric Davis rookie in a screw case got me thinking. So I want to share some examples of the cards I once found to be screw worthy.

Here is a great example.
 photo thurmanthomasrookiescore_zpse2bd3648.jpg
Now Thurman is a HOFer for sure. He played in 4 Super bowls and finished with over 12,000 yards.

His cards aint what they used to be.

This was a legit $25-30 card at it’s peek. Not so much anymore. His fellow late ’80s rookies Barry Sanders and Troy Aikan still carry a decent premium. Barry is possible one of the greatest, if not the greatest backs of all time and Troy has three rings so Thurman is left on the outside looking in. I think it would be very different if he had won even one of his 4 Super bowls. But alas…

It’s a great looking card and I still like having it in the old collection.

Now this next card is a little harder to defend.
mark score
Granted he won a ring, against Thurman none the less, but he is far more Brad Johnson than he is Aaron Rodgers.

For a very small time his card was up there. It must have been right around the time I stopped collecting. This card hung out in a screw case for over 10 years before he was relegated to the binder space he is far more suited to occupy.

It is a nice looking card though. It’s a very strong photo.


2 responses to “Screw worthy…

  1. i went through the same thing when i got back in to collecting…it was amazing to see how highly i thought of Raul Mondesi and Penny Hardaway. hindsight…

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