Opening Day…

So another MLB Opening day has come and gone.
I love MLB Opening Day, even when it means the beginning of another season of pain as a Twins fan.

Opening Day is a time of rebirth and optimism. The entire season lays ahead, ever team is undefeated, and ever players is batting a 1000.

I got to enjoy the day from bed courtesy of a terrible sinus and chest infection from my lovely children. Based on the Twins performance it seems fitting.

My boys started out how the left off, in the crapper!

The Twins faced of against the Tigers and Verlander. JV is arguably the best pitcher of his generation. Who did we have as an answer to the former AL MVP?

This guy
I have no beef with Vance but if he is the best we can do it’s gonna be a looooong season.

The bright side is our own former MVP, well one of our former MVPs
One Mr. Joe Mauer came out swinging going 2 for 4. Not too bad.

I guess the closest thing to joy the Twins will bring me is watching Joe battle for another batting title.

I think i am going to following Spankees daughter and also follow a team a little closer to my home, the Nats.

I was living in Dc when they first camer to town so I don’t feel like a sellout giving them a piece of my fandom.

They won today and should have a hell of a season, a fun season to be sure.

They have two of the most exciting players out there.

Stephen is a beats on the mound.
Stephen Strasburg
His injury seems a distant memory. He has incredible stuff and has a ton of years ahead of him.

Card wise he and his buddy Bryce still remain kings.

Speaking of which
Bryce Harper
Bryce Harper is a special kind of player. You can tell he loves the game and wants to win above all else. He plays the game with every once of his soul.

It’s gonna be fun to debate Harper versus Trout over the coming years.

After one game I say the Twins will finish last again and Gardy will be shown the door.

I see the Nats winning it all and being compared to the Yanks of the late ’90s.

On cardboard I think Bryce and Trout will once again reign supreme.

No matter what it should be fun!


2 responses to “Opening Day…

  1. It’s tough not to be a fan of the Nats right now. They’re fun to watch, have some young talent, and they’re always on TV. The added bonus is that the stadium is a short drive away and the prices are reasonable.

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