Harper Versus Trout…

I love a good sports debate. It’s part of what makes sports so much fun.

You put two teams, two players, two whatevers side by side and debate who is better.

In baseball there are no bigger names right now than Bryce Harper and Mike Trout.

Both guys are ROYs and both are poised to have big seasons. Based on their rookies campaigns it’s easy to say Trout is the better of the two. His rookie season could be put side by side with just about any single season over the last few years. Hell it took a guy winning the first Triple Crown in over 40 years to keep the MVP out of his hands.

That all said it’s too early to declare a winner.

One huge piece of a players success, in my opinion, is the number of rings.

So who will retire with more rings?

I say Bryce retires with 3-4 World Series wins.
bryce rookie
I base this on two factors:

1. He is the kind of guy that wants to win more than put up numbers. There is something in his eyes when he plays. A twinkle if you will. It’s the type of thing that makes other guys on his team better players both on the field and in the clubhouse.

2. Strasburg. As long as these two are on the same team it’s gonna be hard to stop them.

I say he wins 2-3 right away over the next 5 season. Then he picks up another 1-2 later in his career.

I say Trout retires with 1-2 wins.
Trout is a baller, a Mother Fin’ baller! He will tear up the AL but as long as he is on the Angels championships will be few and far between. The team has far too many guys at the end of their careers to win it all.

He is far to good a player to say he will never get a ring though. He has a shot in the next 2 seasons or so. Then it will take major rebuilding or a trade to get him back on track.

Keep in mind I am mainly talking out my bottom, but there is just soemthing about Bryce that tells me his career will be judged by rings afre more than numbers, kinda like Jeter.



One response to “Harper Versus Trout…

  1. I think Trout has a chance of winning one sooner than Harper with the supporting cast he has now.I think guys like Trumbo and Conger will be big time too so i’ll go with Trout.

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