That would be cool…

Mark Cuban just said he would consider drafting Brittney Griner in the 2nd round of the NBA draft.
 photo ncw_a_griner_b1_400_zps6b4a46f0.jpg
He did qualify it by saying if she was the best player left on the board. I am curious to know how he would determine that since she hasn’t played against the same opponents as the other players.

I would be very excited to see this happen. I have always been a propnent of equality. Having a daughter now even more so. Women in the major pro sports seems to be a natural progression.

You can argue that on average men and women have physical differences that may keep them from keeping on the same level. First off I don’t agree with that and also we aren’t talking about typical men or women. We are talking about pro athletes. They are already separated from the pack.

I am sure many will call this a publicity stunt, even more so if she is drafted. I like to think he is being honest.

If there is one guy out there not afriad to buck the system it is Cuban.

Card wise it would be awesome. I would love a Totally Certified base rookie of the first female NBA player!


One response to “That would be cool…

  1. This is nothing more than a publicity (money) stunt. She may be a very rare women’s prospect, but there is nothing about her that would survive in men’s pro basketball. She would get annihilated in the D-League.

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