Crush-Davis-ing it…

Baltimore 1st baseman Chris “Crush” Davis is on a tear!
 photo oscrush.jpg

He has 4 dingers in 4 games, 16 RBIs and is batting .600.

He is on track to hit 162 homeruns with 648 RBIs!

I sure hope he keeps it up. The EEE auto up above is one of the two I pulled from a single box back in 2007.

Fun fact his EEE card was originally suposed to be an auto of Daryl Strawberry’s son. It was a redemption and little D never signed so Chris Davis was the replacement.

I also pulled one of his autos from 2008 EEE.

I am a fan of Crush and his teammates in Baltimore. I hope they have a good season.


One response to “Crush-Davis-ing it…

  1. I was just looking for one of my Davis cards to post about the tear he’s on right now and couldn’t find it!I’ll have to look harder.He and Morse are lighting it up ๐Ÿ™‚

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