Screw worthy part 2…

There are certain cards in my collection I absolutely LOVE.

The second card in the serious falls into that category.
 photo willclarkrookiefleer_zps104d71c5.jpg
1987 Fleer Will Clark baby!

This card was massive back when the Giants made a run at the World Series. He was second only ro maybe Jose Canseco as far as hobby buzz at the time.

The card peaked around $20.

$20 was my cut off for a screw case at the time.

Sadly I am not sure what ever happened to my actual screw worthy Will Clark. It was lost somehow and so I had to buy this one on ebay a few years back. I paid 99 cents for this beauty.

Will had a fine career but was never as big as that hype for a few years in the late ’80s.


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