Totally Tubular…

I loves me some Totally Certified.

I like the design, the box set up (6 packs, one hit per pack), the hits, everything!

This years football release is no different.

 photo totpercy_zps95652987.jpg
I really like this years base design. Panini calls this micro-etching. It makes for a nice presentation. The red isn’t my favorite color for a background but the design is cool enough to make it OK.

The color parallels take the design to it’s full potential.
 photo totbluetorrey_zpsce299491.jpg
Love it!

This year they added some legends.
 photo totcollinsworth_zps838e192e.jpg
I know some don’t like Chris’s announcing during games but I have always liked him. He knows his shit when it comes to football, that is for sure.

The Hits!
 photo totgrahamjersey_zps0b58f556.jpg
The design works well with relics. Very often when the same design is used for relic and base one of the two suffers. Typically we get a base card with a giant blank spot. None of that here.

 photo totbluejerseyap_zps247fb8d1.jpg
All Day in all his glory! I am a big fan of this card. My first AP relic since his rookie year.

 photo totjerseyalshon_zps66179b55.jpg
Not too bad, but I do like the base relic cards more.

 photo totrookieautoupshaw_zps40dd5d65.jpg
Nice enough looking auto.

 photo totkirkautoblue_zps30ef3547.jpg
Ooooooh, a sweet blue version of RG3s back up! I jest but this is a pretty decent hit.

The big dog…
 photo totleseangoldauto_zps6674b51d.jpg
Very nice. I love the gold and green versions. I have yet to pull a green but have pulled three Gold Autos.

A box of Totally Certified will run a little higher than a typical box but it is a petty fun break.


One response to “Totally Tubular…

  1. good looking cards…i was thinking of picking up a box as well, just might after the little look see.

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