Oh yeah, I remember that…

Every once and a while I dig into the deep recesses of my collection and come across cards that make me stop and say, “why did I buy these”.

This aren’t some of my less successful prospecting mishaps that I have covered recently. No, these are cards of legit players that I just forget I ever went out of my way to pick up.

Here is a prime example.
 photo smossrookie2_zpse739b5c5.jpg
One Mr. Santana Moss.

Moss is a solid receiver. He has a real shot at 10,000 career receiving yards. Not too shabby.

But why would a Vikings and Steelers fan own his rookie?

Well actually a handfull of his rookies.
 photo smossrookie1_zpse023cd07.jpg

I bought these cards (and a few more) back in 2005. I was at the peak of my Fantasy football playing days and Moss was tearing it up in DC. I lived in DC at the time so between my obsession with fantasy numbers and the local sports media obsession with all things Redskins I was hooked.

I vaguely remember at the time thinking I would be sitting on a gold mine in a few years.

I also have a handful of Shockey rookies.

Who knows? Maybe he will get in the HOF one day?

I am going to do myself a favor and not mention my Sinorice Moss rookie collection…


3 responses to “Oh yeah, I remember that…

  1. I’ll trade you all of my Ryan Leaf rookies for your Santana Moss rookies ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. love ‘tanaman!

    i was at the Monday night game in Dallas when he caught the two bombs from Brunell (the only two Brunell has ever thrown ๐Ÿ™‚ )…great moments…

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