I kinda want this…

Panini’s first round of Prizm orange pylon 1/1s are up on their new auction site.

The cards are pretty cool. I like the idea of calling an orange parallel a pylon parallel. It’s cleaver, and I like cleaver.

When I am an old man I bet I will laugh at little innuendo jokes on late night talk shows. I remember when I was in college and Viagra just came out. My dad and I where visiting family in Chicago. It was my dad and his siblings and my grandparents. So next to me the youngest person was well into their 50s. At breakfast one morning they sat around telling Viagra jokes. They were laughing their butts off. I mean to the point of tears. I just sat there extremely uncomfortable as a decent chunk of the adult role models in my life laughed to jokes with “stiffy” punchlines.


The cards are cool and who doesn’t love a 1/1?

Of the handful up right now I want this one.

I like how the orange outline of the player gives it a little retro look.

If anyone wants to get me something here is the link.

So far Alfred Morris is the most expensive at $255 with about 2 hours to go.

I bet Luck and RG3 bust 2 Gs each.

I also predict that Aaron Rodgers will be the most expensive non-rookie at about a $1000 with AP not too far behind at around $900.



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