Ok, I was way off…

I predicted Aaron Rodgers would sell for a G. I was off a little, just about $800, or 80%.

What ya gonna do? You can’t get them all right.

I understand that Panini is using this as a way to draw attention to their auction site, but I have to wonder if they would be selling for more if they were up on ebay.

All that aside they are pretty cool looking cards!


One response to “Ok, I was way off…

  1. I am having a hard time in even justifying that kind of price for those cards. I was on their site and I was surprised to see some of the ridiculous prices just because it’s stamped 1/1 or whatever. I’m not knocking panini for the cards or the concepts. Just not sure about the prices and who’s to say that the people will even pay? I dunno.

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