How football has ruined baseball…

Football and baseball are very different games on a lot of ways. ONe way that is of the utmost importance to collectors is the speed in wich players are expected to make an impact in the pros.

Right out of the gate a football player needs to make an impact. The learning curve is sharp and tight. If you aren’t a star after a season or maybe two, you probably aint gonna be a star. Sure there are exceptions to the rule…
miles austin

But most guys either hit or fade pretty quickly.

Football is a game of instant gratification.

Baseball on the other hand is a game that takes it’s …………….. time.

Guys get drafted and spend years in the minors.

Mr. jones here spent almost 10 years riding the bus before hitting it big in the pros.

Granted he took a little longer than most but you get my point.

The problem is collectors want baseball prospects to be football rookies. They want a return immediately.

We line up for EEE and Bowman Chrome autos of kids straight ut the draft. If they don’t hit a HR in their first at bat and keep pace we get frustrated with them.

Patience is what we need.

Sit back and crack open a box of DPP and then set the cards aside, have a beer, live a few years and check back and see who is hitting big.

All that said i hope the vikings take Geno Smith and he goes all Andrew Luck next season…


3 responses to “How football has ruined baseball…

  1. All that might be true, but I can’t see how football has ruined baseball, though. In fact, it’s football that’s in deep trouble, unless they can solve the concussion issue.

  2. Yeah… I don’t have the patience to wait around for players to develop. I love baseball, but I’ll never bust any of the “draft” products in hopes of hitting it big. In the past few years, my collecting trends have shifted. I’ll still buy baseball rookies, but only after they’ve made a name for themselves. Yeah, that means I pay more… but at least I don’t have to find a place to store the 98.5% of the guys who don’t become stars.

    As for football… I’ll still test out the rookie market. Like you said… they tend to shine (or fade) a lot faster.

  3. I have other set collector friends that often wonder how to persuade prospectors to go back and search out those single cards of guys that didn’t make it but are still needed to complete sets. They don’t usually get a lot of responses.

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