A little tease…

Yesterday I got home from work and was greeted by a box from Tracy at Panini. The perfect way to end the work week!

I opened the first box and in turn the first pack and noticed a card slightly thicker than the rest.

This was pack was one of many packs of this type I have opened in the last year. I had never seen a thicker card and knew exactly what it meant.

I had hit the rearest of rare. I have only ever seen one pulled in person or online. (Pulled by one Mr. Chris Justice none the less). I bet I have watched Chris open hundreds of these packs and only ever pull a single card like the one I had in my hands.

It is a rare combination of an extremely rare pull and a card I really wanted!

Any guess on what it is?


One response to “A little tease…

  1. uhhhh. cut auto, bat plate?

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