Well duh…

So tonight in the least surprising ROY announcement since Mike Trout Damian Lillard was named NBA Rookie of the Year.
lillard hole
He was clearly the top rookie by a longshot.

He was 12th in scoring with 19 ppg, tied for 16th in assists with 6.5 per game and led the league in minutes per game.

Solid number for anyone, let alone a rookie.

His card up there is a preview of the box of Marque bball I busted this past weekend. The set had a mess of cool rookies and inserts. It’s hard to tell from the scan but the “ROOKIE” up top on the card is see through, like little windows. Pretty cool.

Lillard signed a deal with Leaf so he doesn’t have any NBA licensed autos as of yet. This pushes his low number parallel cards to pretty impressive heights as collectors are anxious to smack down some hard earned bucks for his high end cards.

I will also point out he is only the 4th unanimous ROY in NBA history. Blake Griffin, David Robinson and UVas own Ralph Sampson being the others.



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