Going Up…

I have been keeping an eye on Panini’s Pylon parallel auctions and was surprised to see prices continuing to climb up and up.

I am not surprised in the sense I can’t believe it, but pleasantly surprised to see prices inching up after I grossly overestimated the sale price of a few of the early cards.

Right now as far as I know one Mr Tebow holds the title for highest selling price.
 photo pylontebow_zps843fabac.jpg
He sold for $427.01, that’s a benny more than Aaron Rodgers.

Haters be darned, Timmy boy is still a force to be reckoned with in the hobby, as he should be. Yeah i said it, I am still a Tebow fan!

I say he is #1 as far as I know because I don’t know the final selling price on this dude.
 photo polamalu1_zps7c545e3c.jpg
Troy’s auction ended yesterday and last time I checked he was around $350 with a few hours to go. I am not sure how to check final sale prices in Panini’s system and they haven’t listed it on the blog yet so he may have eclipsed Timmy T.

I am happy to see fan favorites making a good showing.

Rookie wise redskins RB Alfred Morris is top dog at just over $250.
 photo pylonamorris_zps72e04d9d.jpg

His fellow rookie Kirk Cousins is threatening at $199 with about 3 hours to go.

The ‘Skins could have 3 rookies in the top 5 price wise, crazy.

Of the top 11 sellers 8 are QBs, 1 is a rookie in Morris then AP and Troy P, not surprising. What is surprising is a defensive players is in the top 2.

The cards that have surprised me most are…
 photo pylincam_zps97a9db53.jpg
at $302

 photo f6ed2c90-effe-4f43-b3d3-71bb81537297_zps73083236.jpg
at $172

Cam selling for over 3 bills is nuts. He is a fine player but after a rough second year I am surprised to see him out sell guys like the brothers Manning and Drew Brees.

Maybe I am not so surprised to see Julio at that price. I will be more surprised if he remains the top selling WR when all is said and done.

The guys i would want are all too rich for my blood but I do like checking in to see who is selling well.

I can’t wait to see how high Luck and RG3 go.


4 responses to “Going Up…

  1. i was pretty excited to see panini do this promotion and thought these would be great pieces to get for my Redskins collection…until i saw how high the Morris card went for. YIKES! I did manage to win a couple of auctions and received two of the cards today. Very nice looking pieces and the box they came in is pretty cool. Can’t wait to see how much the RG3 go for either…i will be standing on the sidelines for that one as i think it will hit $700+

  2. you’re probably right…i was being conservative with my guess.

    i’m still a little shocked that the Cousins card went for $199. probably a great investment though…just in case…

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