What happened…

A few years ago one Mr. Bradford set the card world on fire. He wasn’t Luck and RG3 level inferno, but a pretty darn hot.
Then he seemingly fell of the face of the card collecting universe.

He had a monster rookie season, then he came back down to earth. His third season he came back a bit, but still not a top 10 QB. In most stats he is just barely a top 20.

Football is easily the most fleeting when it comes to sophomore success. A QB gets a little hot, and is given a bit of latitude as a rookie so even modest success under center is met with accolades and huge cash slapped down for his rookies. That crazy thing is as soon as his second season hits he doesn’t get even close to the same wiggle room. If he isn’t a top 10 he is DONE!

I still think Sammy boy could be a solid QB. His team is a little rough so if he gets a few more weapons we will see what he can really do.


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