Strike a pose…

Panini dropped previews of some cards from their upcoming Fathers Day promotion.

Panini USA is basically Donruss so they have a wealth of old ’80s and ’90s favorites to to use. This year they hit a few collectors favorites.

Studio was massive when it first hit back in the very early ’90s. Collectors still love the design and concept.

Bryce looks pretty bad-ass up there.

Studio is a great choice not just because of the cool design but it also does a lot to hide the lack of baseball logos.

My favorite of the group is this dude.

Panini also brought back one of my favorites.
I love Team Pinacle!

I have brought it up several times on the site and will most likely bring it up a few more times.

Pretty slick if you ask me.


One response to “Strike a pose…

  1. Wow – I love when they use old designs on their new stuff. I hope we see the same wackiness this year that we got to see in the ’91 set….

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