I never noticed that…

I was doing a little research for a post on Lebron’s 4th MVP trophy and noticed something I hadn’t before, everyone that has been NBA MVP that is eligible for the HOF is in the HOF.

That is remarkable to me.

Look at MLB, there are tons of guys that have been MVP, even multiple times that aren’t in the HOF. Not like scandaless guys like Bonds or Rose, I mean regular Joes.

Look at Dale Murphy.
 photo f61ef9d0-470a-4041-ac2c-c99273c41752_zps35e75b94.jpg
He had back to back MVP seasons and has never even come close to consideration.

Roger Marris also has two MVPs to his name and is nowhere near the Hall.

Fred Lynn, Dave Parker, Kevin Mitchell, Kirk Gibson, Zoilo Versalles, Ken Boyer…

Tons of guys that won the MVP but aren’t HOFers.

Basketball, all of them since the start of the award in 1955 up to Shaq in 1999-00 are in the hall.

Why such an extreme difference. The NBA has far fewer players, but that shouldn’t matter when looking at the cream of the crop. Both have seasons long enough to weed out all but the top players.

One difference is the NBA has just one award for the entire league versus the MLBs AL and NL awards. Even so there are a number of seasons where neither the AL nor NL MVP is in the HOF.

I guess it just goes to the nature of each game. Hitting a ball with a bat is such a fine tuned skill. There are so many factors that even a slight change in one thing can throw it all to hell. Basketball isn’t any easier but is less prone to streakiness. If a guy is playing well one season, he will most likely play well many seasons… typically…

One guy may change all this. In 2000-01 Allen Iverson was MVP. Then again he probably had a HOF caliber career even if he was a jerk.


One response to “I never noticed that…

  1. Allen Iverson in the HoUSE!

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