So the Kings and Ducks will play a game at Dodgers Stadium next January.


You can’t call it the winter classic because there isn’t any winter involved!

There are so many great cold weather venues, Target Field, Comerico Park, a field in Canada maybe? Why do we need to do this in a warm weather city.

It was bad enough they moved teams to warm weather cities but this is too much. How are they going to keep the ice from melting? They could barely keep it solid in Pittsburgh 2 years ago, what chance do they have in LA where the average temp in late January is 50-69 degrees.


5 responses to “Why…

  1. I’m sure that there will be no significant issues with the ice. Heck, the ice at Staples (as well as many arenas) is often bad. Keep in mind, the Kings and Rangers played an outdoor game in Las Vegas in September of 1991, and by most accounts the ice held up well then. It got as hot as 95 degrees at night. Its over 20 years later and I suspect ice technology has advanced significantly since then.

    BTW, they were also suppose to play an outdoor game in North Carolina that same year, but that game was cancelled due to poor ice conditions. I think humidity is a bigger problem than heat.


    • An ice hockey game played on a cold snowy day evokes memories of getting up to play pond hockey, or playing after school on an outdoor rink. It brings you back to a simpler more pure time.

      Ice hockey played in southern california just seems like a publicity stunt.

  2. I thought it was going to be a street hockey game?

  3. I’m torn on the issue. On one side… I’m usually on the side of tradition and very rarely welcome change. However… on the flipside… I live in Cali and have always wanted there to be a bigger hockey presence on the West Coast. It’s a shame they didn’t choose the Sharks to play.

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