Are you ready for some baseball…

Last week Panini unleashed their latest Prizm set on the world in the form of Prizm Baseball.

Two quick notes:

1. Yes this is a non-MLB licensed set so no team logos. I am OK with this, it doesn’t really bother me. Also this isn’t Panini’s doing so I don’t see why anyone criticizes them for it.

2. I love sets that cross sports broders. It’s one of the things I love about recent Topps base that share designs. The fact the all Prizm sets have the same design and program (I learned that term from Panini Unwrapped videos) is a huge plus in my book.

OK, on to the cards.

 photo ppbmauer_zpsb2cbdc96.jpg
Love it. The design is still cool and looks great with baseball.

There are a ton of great catcher cards in this set.
 photo ppbbuster_zps1573d4d4.jpg
I say Buster wins back to back MVPs

 photo ppbwieters_zpsae97e5e2.jpg

 photo ppbrcrosario_zps8f1f7856.jpg
Even though it was just released it is a 2012 set so guys like Wilson and bryce are rookies here.

I would imagine Panini used so many defensive catcher shot because it’s an easy way to avoid logos.

 photo ppbmccuthen_zps24ade585.jpg
I love McCutchen and what a great shot.

 photo ppbpujols_zps5730d821.jpg
What the heck is up with Pujols and the Angels this season?

The set also has legends, here is my favorite.
 photo ppbdonnybball_zps8652062c.jpg
Few guys look better on a trading card than Donnie Baseball.

Baseball aslo features the prizm parallels.
 photo ppbprizmmorneau_zps81dcf847.jpg
I am still a fan of Morneau.

 photo ppbprizmerniebanks_zps312b607d.jpg
Cool, a HOFer!

 photo ppbprizmrickey_zps62837fb1.jpg
Hey, another HOFer!

These looks great in person.

The coolest cards in the set in my humble opinion are the team USA cards.
 photo ppbusabryce_zps170bb825.jpg

 photo ppbusaclayton_zps7cafed5f.jpg

 photo ppbusabuster_zps7d58b556.jpg
Busters USA card may be my favorite in the box.

 photo ppbtrout_zpsf206f8a5.jpg
I love the baseball stitching along the side, it really makes this card.

 photo ppbwilmyers_zpsf4997baf.jpg

 photo ppbmvp_zps98e9d951.jpg
The little pattern in the background of all of these has a weird 3d effect. It was far more pronounced in baseball than in other sports.

I also got this card.
 photo ppbeee_zps1acb5a0e.jpg
I am not sure if these are like updated cards fro EEE or what, but still cool.

The box gives two autos.

One veteran…
 photo pbbmccarthyauto_zps7a92c35a.jpg

…and one rookie
 photo ppbautoaoki_zpsadbab9cc.jpg
These are cool enough.

I am a fan of the set and I hope the keep the concept going into 2013.



One response to “Are you ready for some baseball…

  1. Not sure if I’m seeing this right, but… are Mauer and Morny in their away greys? If not… how trippy is it that their home pinstripes were completely eliminated?

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