So last night the Bulls beat the Heat.


I am not a Heat or Lebron hater but was glad to see the Bulls take one. I like the Bulls, probably second only to the Wolves. I also like anytime the underdog wins. I am also a big fan of this guy.
 photo absolutejoakim.jpg
I don’t think the Bulls can take the series, but crazier things have happened.

This has turned out to be a pretty entertaining playoffs. Most series have gone pretty deep and everyone is playing well. Little guys are showing up and making an impact, literally in the case of Nate Robinson. Card wise no one has really made huge leaps. Stephen Curry has seen some movement. If the Knicks fight their way to the finals Melo will see a bump. Maybe if the Spurs take another and Timmy D gets a 5th ring his cards will finally get the pop they deserve.

I still think it will be the Spurs versus the Heat with the Spurs taking it. I say in 6 games.


2 responses to “Woah…

  1. The Bulls caught the Heat in cruise mode. LeBron was distributing in the first half and nobody could hit anything. By the time he went into full LeBron mode, the Bulls were too close. Nate Robinson is a stud. I can’t wait for game 2, LeBron could be scary aggressive early. He really just needs one other guy to step up and hit some shots.

    • Yeah, after the loss I don’t think the Heat will be as relaxed as they were last night. It was a wake up call, and that might not bode well for the Bulls.

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