So let me start off by saying the Twins blow.

They had all the promise in the world, winning AL Central titles like it was their job, well I guess it is their job when you get down to it…

Anyway, they would get to the playoffs and crap the bed. I say it was in part due to a lack of power in their lineup. They could scratch it out in a 90 feet at a time street brawl, but in the modern AL you also need the ability to crack it open with some long balls.

They had great defense, great pitching, starters, middle relievers and closers. They had some of the best true ball players in the game. They just needed a modern day Kent Hrbek to round it all out. So what did they do?

They threw it all away…

Sure they have a great farm system, but where has that gotten us?

This year is another write off, and then out of nowhere they beat the tar out of the Red Sox!

This isn’t last year’s Red Sox, this is a team on top of their game, and the Twins handed them a sweep!

Granted it just one series early in the year, but still. Maybe if they hang with the O’s the next few days I will start to get a little hope.


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