It’s magical…

I recently had the opportunity to bust a box of 2012 Topps Magic football.

This set has been released before but never really caught my eye. When I saw this box and started to bust it I was immediately won over, it’s a great product, in my mind second only to the base/chrome release.

It’s two autos per box, and they are a nice mix of vets and rookies.

For years baseball has always gone the rookie and vet route more so than anyone else. Recently both Topps and Panini have been putting more emphasis on vets in basketball and football that for years had been dominated by almost exclusively rookie autos. Topps seems to be focusing on current players with Panini going for retired folks. I for one welcome the change.


The base cards are great.
 photo magicluck_zpsd0a40fe8.jpg
These look like another set and I couldn’t place it for a while, then it hit me.

These look like a cross between Masterpiece (with the artwork looking photos) and the card design of 2004 Fleer Platinum. I don’t mean to imply the concept is a rip off, just pointing out the similarities between 3 sets I like a great deal.

The look and feel of the cards is great. It has a great retro feel without being a true Heritage set. I think the little shield in the lower left corner really makes the design.

They also have the ubiquitous minis.
 photo magicmini_zpscd462042.jpg
This goes out to all companies, but Topps in particular. Please stop with the minis, enough already!

These are great looking cards, and I am sure very popular with most but I have never been a fan of mini cards. They just don’t do anything for me.

That said I also got a few of these…
 photo magicminimini_zps525fe9ff.jpg
At about half the size of the regular minis I would call these super minis.

At least it is a different design.

Cool enough cards and pretty rare at 2 per box. I was happy to pull an RG3.

I also pulled an insert of RG3 rookie bro Mister Luck.
 photo magicpurple_zps2637d753.jpg
I like framed cards. These are pretty cool.

Of the few I pulled half had damage. I am sure Topps with send replacements though.

Now for the star of the show, the autos.
 photo magiccapauto_zps71a34454.jpg
A nice hit, but how much nicer if I had pulled it in January.

These are stickers but you can tell there was great care taken to make sure the sticker was placed perfectly so it fits in with the design. Very nice QC on these.

My second auto wasn’t bad either.
 photo magicdeckerauto_zps23250022.jpg
I am a fan of Mr. Decker so this is a welcome addition to the collection.

My father and I both opened a box, and he had busted one previously and we only pulled one rookie auto between us. The rookie autos seem pretty rare in this set.

I am not typically a fan of retro inspired products as I feel they are overdone but Magic is just different enough to make it great.

Well worth a look.



One response to “It’s magical…

  1. I think the images have a Gypsy Queen quality to them. I’ve bought a fair amount of hobby and retail packs, and there will likely be a box busted in the playoffs of my NFL contest. I really like the set.

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