Old schoolin’…

I was watching the 30 for 30 on the ’83 NFL Draft.

6 QBs in the first round, Elway refusing to play for the Colts, 6 HOFers and 15 Pro Bowlers in the first round. Crazy town!

All the talk tends to be focused on the Elway vs Marino debate, but lets not forget about this guy.
 photo jimkellyrookie_zpsd0ba81d5.jpg
Jimmy boy didn’t want to play in Buffalo so he went to the USL for a few years before finally signing with the Bills.

It would be preposterous to say he was the best of his class. That belongs to Dan or John, depending upon who ya listen too.

I think you can say he is easily the best of the ’83 QB class to lose 4 Super Bowls!

Jim’s rookie up there has never even come close to Marino or Elway’s, but it had a nice run back in the late ’80s and early ’90s. I do really like the ’87 design. I also like how his shoulder pads fit perfectly in frame.


2 responses to “Old schoolin’…

  1. I really enjoyed watching football in the late 80s and early 90s…the sheer talent of the QBs in the league was unbelievable. I have tried to watch the NFL on a few occasions over the past couple of decades, but just could not get into at all anymore.

  2. Great draft year. Elways refusal to play for the Colts was so disappointing… especially to a fan who loved the guy when he played @ Stanford. It made me a Marino guy for the next decade.

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