Maybe the ’83 draft wasn’t so great…

On closer inspection I have learned that the ’83 QB class may not be so great.

Of those 6 QBs taken in the 1st round they have a combined 9 Super Bowl loses. Elway has the only wins, in his final two seasons. Before you get too excited about that remember he is still 2 for 5 when it comes to Super Bowls. I believe he and Brady are the only guys to start 5 Super Bowls; Brady at least has a winning record at 3 for 5.

A bit rough huh?


6 responses to “Maybe the ’83 draft wasn’t so great…

  1. Up until 2004, that was the best draft class ever for quarterbacks. Now, the 2004 class has to be regarded as the best since between Manning, Rivers, Roethlisberger, and Schaub I think you have something like 11 Pro Bowls, four Super Bowl titles, 2 SB MVPs, and a whole host of playoff starts. All this in a combined 36 combined seasons in the NFL.

    • ’04 versus ’85 remains to be seen.

      Granted ’04 has 4 SB wins t0 ’85s 2, but time will tell how many HOFers come out of ’04.

      Ben probably, Eli maybe, Matt Schaub and/or Phil Rivers, too early to call.

      • Longevity and value to a team will get them into the hall. So far, I think all four (with Rivers teetering on the edge) have proven their worth. Just my opinion. I didn’t mean to start a controversy.

      • I agree with you.

        As a fellow Pittburgh guy I would put Ben #2 all time behind Bradshaw ๐Ÿ™‚

        I just love these types of discusions because there are so many factors and ultimatly there is no right answer so they can go on forever.

  2. It is ridiculous to compare QB classes based on Super Bowl victories. I mean if you make that argument, then the 1994 class featuring Trent Dilfer (1st) and Kurt Warner (UDFA) is equally as good as the 83 class because they have 2 SB victories as well. If Don Shula ever got even a halfway decent RB for his team during the 80’s, then Marino would probably have won 3+ Super Bowls too.

    Marino and Elway are top 5 all time QBs, and Kelly is the next tier down. 2004 might have 2 guys on Kelly’s tier, but Schaub is at least one tier further down and Rivers has fallen off a cliff.

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