Not the best or the worst…

People argue the best #1 pick all time. Peyton Manning, Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman, you could debate it forever.

Same can be said for worst #1 pick all time. JaMarcus Russell, Tim Couch, you can debate it forever, but who are we kidding it has to be JaMarcus Russell.

The strange thing is no one ever talks about who the most middle of the road #1 pick is.

I have the answer.


That’s right, the 1980 NFL drafts #1 pick Mister Billy Sims.

Billy isn’t a HOFer, but wasn’t a bust either. He simply had a nice career.

He made a couple of Pro Bowls, rushed for 1000 yards a few times, and also rushed for 600 a few times.

He wasn’t the best RB, but far from the worst.

He was a good player and a decent #1 pick!


4 responses to “Not the best or the worst…

  1. So, in baseball, this is about where Justin Morneau would end up, yeah?

  2. My best middle of the road #1 pick would be Bo. He’ll never make the HOF and only made the Pro Bowl once, but damn could that guy run. I wasn’t a Raiders fan, but I’d use them in Tecmo Bowl… just so I could be him.

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