Let’s keep it going…

So sticking with the draft talks let’s take a side step on over to the diamond.

I mentioned in comments to the Billy Sims post that Harold Baines would be the best middle of the road #1 MLB draft pick. On closer inspection he may land higher than that. The batting average for #1 MLB picks is pretty low. Far more Brien Taylors than Chipper Joneses.

So who is the #1 of the #1 MLB draft picks.

I say it’s this guy in a walk…
 photo 1989udgriffeyjr.jpg
The Kid is the easy pick.

ARod and Chipper Jones are close, but I think Griffey is the clear top dog.

Fun fact, not a sinbgle #1 pick in the HOF…yet.


6 responses to “Let’s keep it going…

  1. Wooo! Come on, 2015!

  2. If Joe Mauer can stay healthy, he’ll be another one with a solid shot at the HOF.

  3. Justin Upton! ok…so it’s a homer pick.

  4. I’ve got to agree with you’re reassessment of Harold Baines. 5x All-Star, 22-year career, 2,800+ hits, nearly 400 homers, 1600+ RBI. He’s not quite a HOF-er in my mind, but he’s in two team Hall of Fames. Pretty successful career!

    Strawberry is another interesting one.

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