There is no debate here…

So, some may be able to argue that ARod is a better #1 than Griffy. Or that Harold Baines is too good a player to be the most middle of the road #1.

One thing no one can deny is who is the best #402 MLB draft pick of all time.

It has to be this guy.
 photo pujols.jpg

I wanted to make a joke and pull out some random dude also picked 402 and try and make a silly argument, but I can’t even find a list of draft picks that goes that high.

To put that in perspective that is 148 spots above the NFLs Mr. Irrelevant, and 342 spots past the final pick i the NBA draft.

It just goes to show in basbeall, more than an other sport you can’t just assume lower draft number means success.

Me Pujols was picked relativly high when compared to this guy.
 photo mikepiazzarookie.jpg
He was take 1390th.


One response to “There is no debate here…

  1. See the link below. It only shows 300 per page, but you can play with the filters to see guys drafted later.

    Charles Elmore of the Baltimore Orioles was drafted when Griffey was #1 overall (1987). He never made it past A ball!

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