Freedom, for the world…

I almost forgot to put up this review, and for good reason.

This has nothing to do with this product, it has to do with the other two sets that arrived with Preferred. Prizm Baseball and Marquee Basketball are so awesome they were distracting.

I got some awesome cards out of my Preferred box, and it is a great product so don’t get me wrong.

This is a 4 card per box direct kick type of product.

You are going to get 3 autos, numbered pretty darn low, and a multi piece booklet.

So, how did do.

 photo prefferedbook141199_zps39b4bad5.jpg
This is cool. if you are a fan of the Mavs, or any other championship team, and pulled one of these for your team you are gonna be cissed! Even if you don’t and get a team that you may not be a fan off you have a really nice piece of trade bate.

I am a Wolves fan so none of this applies to me. Maybe next year K-Love can skip hos knuckle push-ups, or wall punches depending on you believe, and they can actually make a playoff run…

I digress.

There are low numbered patch versions of these as well.

I myself am not a big booklet fan, but if you are you will be happy with Preferred.

 photo prefferedcrown_zps32c1b043.jpg
Cool die-cutting, on-card, decent rookie, wat’s not to love!

 photo prefferdtrophy0310_zps1a85546c.jpg
I love these because they are so weird.

i like the trophy design and concept but there is something kinda out there when you hold on of these. They feel a bit off, but in a very fun way, does that make any sense? Probably not…

This is numbered to 10 so thats cool.

Here is the winner of the box…
 photo prefferedred0925_zps3bdeb4e1.jpg
Goodness, look at that card!

Metta best take note, World B Free beat him to the crazy name punch by like 25 years!

Alos, look at that hair. That is Lebron James level male pattern baldness, but instead of hiding it with a headband World i woning that #$@%!

What a cool looking card. Numbered to 25.

Preferred is a roll of the dice, and a fun one at that.

The rookie silhouette autos are selling for major bank. Big names rookies are in 4 figures, so you have a shot as mucho mojo here.


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