I have been a bit of an absentee blogger lately.

I have no excuse but I do have two reasons.

1. At work I have been asked to take on a new and larger leadership role. So I have been hella busy.

2. I am utterly depressed by all things sports right now…

The main reason is the Twins. The M Fing Twins.

How did they go from a premier club to utter dog-shit so fast!?

Mauer is hitting again, and would have a shot at a batting title if that guy in Detroit wasn’t on his way to a 2nd Triple Crown. Even Morneau is turning it around. But that is it. No one else is doing a darn thing. The pitching is terrible, and they still haven’t done a thing to try and fix that problem, that has been around for a few years.

Aaron Hicks has been a disappointment. Sure he has made some crazy catches but I would love to have Span or Revere out there. They could at least hit over .200.

It is so depressing. I find myself unable to even look at a Twins card right now. It is more than I can take.

I promise I will get over it and get back to posting random and inane crap.


One response to “Sorry…

  1. I know what you mean. With my work schedule, my son’s baseball schedule, my lack of sleep schedule, and the trying to get 8 acres of grass cut leaves me little time for “Enough Already”. By the time I go to start typing something I’m usually awakened by my daughter going, “Dad….you have more drool on the table then what Ginger (our Old English Bulldog) has on the floor. Oh well……at least the drool is not on the laptop keys so I call that a WIN!

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