What should happen…

So tonight the Dodgers face off against the Padres.

The last time they faced off Carlos Quinton was hit by Zack Grienke a pitch, words we exchanged, Carlos charged and Zack came away with a busted collarbone.

So the question is what are the Dodgers to do when Carlos steps in the batter’s box?

Personally I understand the old school ways, but in this case it seems Zack Grienke is as much to blame for his injury as Carlos.

So what do people think? Do the throw at him or not?

I am very interested to see Greg Z’s take.


3 responses to “What should happen…

  1. I’m a Reds fan and have no skin in the game, but I didn’t think Greinke was really to blame at all. Quentin should have been suspended for much longer. It reminded me a bit of the Bertuzzi-Moore hockey incident, albeit on a less serious level injury-wise (and if I was commish, Bertuzzi would have never played again since he ended Moore’s career).

    I know charging the mound happens, but it’s a choice the batter makes. If nobody gets hurt, a small suspension is fine. But that didn’t happen here, and that’s the risk the batter takes. In my opinion, Quentin shouldn’t have played until Greinke made it back to the mound.

  2. Greinke is exactly ZERO to blame. Quentin crowds the plate, and more importantly the game situation would clearly not call for an intentional HBP.

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