What happened…

Every once and a while I get caught up in the hype and buy high. Here is a classic example…
 photo Scan223.jpg
Remember in like 2009 when he was tearing it up in Chi-Town?

He was huge! No Mike Trout last season huge, but in that realm.

His cards were the must have. Bowman Chrome was out of my reach but I got a “good deal” in his Sterling auto in maybe Mid-late October. I think I paid like $40. As it turns out that was just about the peak of price wise.

You can pick them up for $8 or less on ebay right now.

Ya win some, ya lose some…


2 responses to “What happened…

  1. Or you could just send them to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ All Gordon Beckham autos welcome!

  2. I almost dove into the Beckham market (at the time, I was just reentering the hobby), but then I remember investing hundreds into Dwight Smith and Jerome Walton and decided to pass.

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